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The Avocado Marketing Research and Information Center (AMRIC) system provides the California Avocado Industry with daily inventory and shipment information.

History and Purpose

The Avocado Marketing Research and Information Center (AMRIC) system was created in 1985 by state law to provide the California Avocado Industry with daily inventory and shipment information to guide harvest/market strategies.

AMRIC procedures require all avocado handlers operating in California to report their avocado inventory by variety and size and shipments by major market destination, variety and size.

Since AMRIC's inception, a strong database has been developed; this database is used to analyze current market situations and forecast trends.

Who Reports?

All major California Avocado handlers participate in the AMRIC system, representing nearly 95% of California Avocado production.

What is Reported?


The AMRIC inventory figures represent the amount of fruit, both packed and unpacked, each morning at the major packing houses. Inventories are broken down by variety and size. Unpacked inventory includes fruit that arrived from the field that morning, as well as unpacked bins not packed the previous day.


The AMRIC shipment figures record shipments from the previous day (Monday's report includes both Friday and Saturday shipments). Shipments are reported by major-market destination, variety and size. Shipments to 41 major domestic markets are monitored; shipments not reported through AMRIC are #3 grade, culls, distressed or unpacked fruit.

The AMRIC lug price represents the free-on-board (FOB) market price. FOB market price does not include freight, brokerage fees, transfer fees, cooling, palletization, pre-conditioning fees or any further fees added to the price. Shipments made on consignment are reported as zero dollars and are not factored, when calculating overall average lug price. The percent of shipments made on consignment should be weighed heavily when evaluating AMRIC pricing. AMRIC does not make adjustments to prior sales, but instead, represents a snapshot of shipments made for the day. AMRIC prices should be used for trend analysis only; they do NOT reflect actual grower returns.


AMRIC inventories, shipments and prices are tracked by variety. The variety categories are Hass, Fuerte, Bacon/Zutano, Pinkerton, Other, with Bacon and Zutano grouped together. Other fruit may include Gwen, Reed, MacArthur, Nabal, as well as additional minor varieties.


  • Fruit sizes include 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, 60, 70 and 84
  • Fruit is not sized, but reported together, as #2-grade fruit


AMRIC reports are received by noon, daily, from each handler. All website charts are updated by 5:00 p.m. Monday represents end of week for AMRIC (this is due to the one-day lag in shipment reporting); therefore, all weekly charts are updated by Monday evening.


Adjustments to the AMRIC figures are made on a weekly basis to account for non-participating California Avocado handlers and non-qualifying fruit sales. The weekly adjustment factor is applied to better represent actual fruit movement throughout the season. At the end of each season, the AMRIC weekly figures are realigned to match the California Avocado crop-assessment figures.