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California Avocado Consumer Campaign Reprises Elements Popular with its Fans

Posted: April 18, 2017

The California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) consumer advertising campaign launched in April, celebrating the start of the California avocado season. Given the success of last year’s creative, a number of key design elements have been reprised for the 2017 season.

To highlight the continued partnership with artist John Van Hamersveld, the Commission produced gatefold ads featuring his unique artwork for print publications in targeted markets including Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. Van Hamersveld’s illustrations showcase California avocados alongside iconic California landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition, single-page ads from the 2016 season will be picked up for publication this season.

Last season’s outdoor creative was such a hit with California avocado fans that the Commission will again showcase Michael Schwab’s illustrations featuring the California Avocados brand logo. The illustrations created by Schwab, the California-based artist who designed the Hand Grown in California logo, evoke the California lifestyle and pair the natural beauty of the state with California avocados. A new execution of these ads uses the headline “Fresher the Better.”

Throughout April, the Commission will run in-store radio spots highlighting the start of the California avocado season and reminding consumers to check for California on the label. In addition to the in-store spots, CAC will run three separate radio units on Pandora, an application that allows consumers to stream their favorite music. The Commission is the first to market for a unit called “Pin to Pinterest.” This unit will extend the reach of the Commission’s Pandora ads, allowing Pandora listeners to pin the California avocado recipe to their board on Pinterest, a virtual scrapbooking platform.

To celebrate the California avocado season on its social media platforms, CAC posted an engaging GIF on Instagram and Twitter. (GIFs are compressed image files that allow faster viewing online, and are sometimes animated.) In addition, the Commission published a blog post and sent out an email announcing the availability of fresh California avocados and showcasing new recipes. Digital ads were launched on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and websites including Food52, Pure Wow and Tasting Table.

The consumer campaign is expected to garner more than 900,000 print impressions, nearly 26 million outdoor impressions, more than 540 million audio impressions and nearly 120 million digital and social media impressions.