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GAP Food Safety Course

California avocados enjoy the premium position in the market because the Commission and every California avocado grower have committed, for generations, to growing superior fruit that is safe to eat. In order to maintain our position as the premium avocado of choice with consumers, and as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, we need to take it a step further by providing proof or our responsible practices and getting food safety certified.

 The GAP Food Safety e-learning module provides California avocado growers with an introduction to food safety practices and will assist you in evaluating your own food safety practices in order to facilitate compliance with GAP audits and standards. The module is composed of five sections:

  • Documentation and Traceability
  • Worker Health and Hygiene
  • Agricultural Inputs
  • Field Sanitation
  • Food Safety Training

Each section provides a video overview followed by self-assessment food-safety grower questions.

The e-learning module is being funded, in part, through the CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

Food Safety Self-Assessment Course