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American Summer Holidays 2013

This year’s consumer advertising campaign launched in California at the end of March and has started in all advertised markets in the western states. The advertising features premium California avocados and highlights their taste, quality and reliability. CAC’s integrated advertising campaign is reaching our target audience with a message that all avocados are not created equal and encouraging them to look for California on the label.

Throughout the summer, California avocado consumer advertising can be seen in Sunset magazine, retailer specific publications, outdoor billboards, online and radio commercials can be heard on major radio stations and in-grocery stores. CAC’s online advertising will share menu ideas on Google through targeted advertising, top recipe websites such as, and CAC ads will reach consumers while they are listening to music on the internet or on their mobile devices through – a popular internet radio network. CAC has also continued its integrated sponsorship of America’s Test Kitchen this year which includes broadcast, online, social media, email and in-recipe branding opportunities through the entire California avocado season.


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  • CAC HGIC 2012 Radio - All American Avocado 60mix.mp3

    2013 4th of July Ad