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Marketing Reports

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) marketing program targets consumers, retailers, foodservice using a variety integrated campaigns including print, radio, tv, online, and social media. 

Consumer Trends & 2010 OutlookConsumer Trends & 2010 Outlook
Topics: Consumer Behavior, Economic Macrotrend #1 - Reset vs. Rebound, Economic Macrotrend #2 - De-consumption, Economic Macrotrend #3 - Coming Home, CAC Trends View PDF

2010 Produce Marketing Association Presentation

Produce Marketing Association 2010 Fresh Summit
Topics: Highlights from the 2010 Fresh Summit International Convention and Exposition, CAC Booth Images, PMA Activities, Press Coverage
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2009 Integrated Marketing Campaign Update2009 Integrated Marketing Campaign
Topics: Consumer Marketing for Advertising and Cinco de Mayo, Trade Marketing for Retail and Food Service, Public Relations
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Measuring the Results of Commodity Marketing Programs A Synopsis of a Report
by Dr. Roberta Cook
In an effort to examine the value and effectiveness of the California Avocado grower assessment and the California Avocado Commission (CAC) marketing programs, Dr. Roberta Cook from University of California Davis was invited to present a summary of studies conducted on numerous commodity groups during the August 20th CAC Board of Directors meeting.
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CAC Marketing Success Measures - Program Results from 11/1/08 – 8/1/09
The CAC Marketing Success Measures provides a summary of goals and success measures for fiscal year 08-09.  
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