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CSU Monterey Bay in conjunction with UC Riverside is conducting a research project to help growers diagnose avocado salinity stress and root rot disease early on. Researchers are looking for growers who currently have salinity problems and/or Phytophthora root rot and who would be willing to have them take leaf, root, and soil samples on their properties within the next few weeks. Learn more.

The final report from Dr. Carol Lovatt, UC Riverside, for Uniconazole-P commercial field tests in California on Hass avocado trees resulted in negative effects on yield, fruit size and fruit quality.

The Queensland avocado industry has compiled an Avocado Problem Solver Field Guide. Please take a brief survey to indicate if you would be interested in receiving a copy.

Drs. Richard Stouthamer and Akif Eskalen recently visited Vietnam to learn about polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB) pest management opportunities. Read more about their discoveries and future PSHB research.

by Tim Spann, Research Project Manager
Jonathan Dixon, CAC Research Program Director, and I, traveled to Florida from August 4-7 to visit with several avocado and plant breeding researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) lab in Miami, and the University of Florida (UF). While at the USDA lab we primarily met with Dr. David Kuhn, Plant Molecular Biologist, who is an expert in avocado genetics and molecular biology.

The Production Research Committee had a teleconference meeting on July 11 and a face-to-face meeting on July 17 to discuss the 10 research proposals submitted for fiscal year 2013/14 funding. Based on the discussion at the teleconference meeting, three researchers were asked to make presentations at the July 17 meeting to provide the Committee with more information regarding their proposals.

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Production Research Committee was Monday June 24. We received a total of 10 proposals.

Recently, Ken Melban (Director Issues Management) and Tim Spann (Research Project Manager), met with the County Ag Commissioners from all of the avocado producing counties during their annual meeting in Visalia.

The California Avocado Society (CAS) has received a grant from the USDA to conduct a seminar series in Spanish on avocado production. To give this program an easy to use name, it is simply referred to as Project 8.

Project Apis m. (PAm) is a group established by growers and beekeepers to fund honeybee research and promote honeybee health awareness among growers. One of PAm’s primary initiatives is to promote the planting of bee forage crops by growers.

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