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In January, the California Avocado Commission was asked by Moorpark area growers to help in a pending water rate increase for Ventura County Waterworks District 1 (VCWD1). Learn more about the negotiation process and results.

The Central Coast Water Board will hold two free workshops in November to discuss the Draft 2017 Agricultural Order. A third session will be held in December to provide status updates and solicit public comment.

California avocado growers interested in learning more about where Ventura County gets its water and how the drought is impacting the agricultural industry are encouraged to register for the Ventura County Water Tour.

In response to the state’s water crisis and its impact on the California avocado industry, the Cachuma Resource Conservation District is conducting an agricultural water management survey designed to gather the input of growers, managers and other individuals involved in irrigation management.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service is hosting a seminar entitled “Drought Management Strategies for Perennial Crops with Limited and Impaired Water Supplies.”

Interested in learning more about Ventura County’s water supply and the impacts of the drought on the agricultural industry?

As previously reported, the Goleta Water District has approved a $2.60 per HCF drought surcharge on all customers to begin July 1, 2015. A public hearing is set for June 16, 2015. Learn more.

A group of Goleta growers are exploring possible legal action against the Goleta Water District over the proposed drought surcharges as outlined below. The group is looking for additional finances to cover anticipated fees and costs for legal action. Anyone interested in learning more about this effort are encouraged to contact Paul Van Leer (805-968-9758).

As the drought in California continues, California avocado growers in San Diego County should be aware of a few key developments concerning water use.

The Goleta Water District board of directors has adopted a resolution creating drought surcharges that, if implemented, will increase agricultural water costs by up to 300 percent. If you are a Goleta Water District customer CAC urges you to write a letter in opposition to the proposed drought surcharges on agriculture. It is also important that you attend the June 16, 2015 public hearing and voice your opposition.


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