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GreenSheet | May 1, 2017

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The University of California Cooperative Extension will host a workshop designed to familiarize growers with CropManage — a free online decision-support tool for water and nutrient management of coastal crops. Learn more.

Dr. Gary Bender, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Farm Advisor Emeritus, is the lead instructor for a six-week course entitled “Avocado Production for New Growers.” The course is designed for new avocado growers, as well as those interested in learning more about avocado production best practices and meeting fellow growers.

Growers are encouraged to participate in the Census of Agriculture, which provides confidential data used to shape the policies, services and assistance programs that affect those in the agricultural industry. Learn more about the Census.

The California Avocado Commission’s consumer advertising campaign launched in April, celebrating the start of the California avocado season. Given the success of last year’s creative, a number of key design elements have been reprised for the 2017 season.

Morrison Healthcare, a division of Compass, will celebrate the start of the California avocado season with back-to-back promotions in 192 units located in the Western and Southwestern United States.

Summary- There is a tendency for troughing near and just west of N California, before and after May 1st. The sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA) pattern in the central N Pacific is strong and persistent enough to continue the tendency for troughing through May and possibly into early June near and over the Calif coast. Forcing for troughs over western Mexico will continue. A classic, moderate to strong El Niño anomaly pattern is expected to develop per the current SSTA pattern and the NMME (North American Multi-Model Ensemble): Time frame- later in the summer and in autumn.