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GreenSheet | November 1, 2016

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The Second Annual San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo that will be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The Expo, which is sponsored by the San Diego County Farm Bureau, is a free trade show designed to connect Southern California agricultural industry members with vendors, resources and educational seminars that are applicable to the diverse crops grown in the region.

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) has two producer alternate vacancies on the HAB Board of Directors. Learn more about the HAB Board and the nomination process.

The deadline for California avocado growers to apply for 2018 crop insurance is November 30. The same deadline applies for current policyholders interested in making changes to their existing crop insurance coverage. Learn more.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has published the 2016-2017 California avocado release dates for Bacon, Fuerte, Hass, Zutano, Pinkerton, Gwen and Lamb Hass varieties.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is accepting applications for 2017 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) Technical Review Committee volunteers.

California’s Governor has signed into law new mandates concerning overtime pay for agricultural workers. Learn more.

California avocado growers interested in learning more about where Ventura County gets its water and how the drought is impacting the agricultural industry are encouraged to register for the Ventura County Water Tour.

In late September and early October, as the California avocado season came to a close, the California Avocado Commission kept its fans engaged with a series of social media posts on its Facebook and Twitter channels.

For three days in early October, California avocado fans gathered along Linden Avenue in downtown Carpinteria, California to celebrate everything avocado — and the California Avocado Commission was there to provide fans with information and new recipes.

Summary - The basic pattern consists of the westerlies continuing to be active, with rains on October 24-27, 29-31, and November 6-14. Early support for a longwave trough in the central northern Pacific (160-170W) will continue to propagate east, reaching finally into mainly northern California during November 6-14th. Off and on rains through October 31 are followed by a dry break during November 1-5th. A very wet pattern covers northern and northcentral California during November 6-14th with limited support for a few rains in southcentral and southern California.