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Plant Breeding RFP

The California Avocado Commission is requesting proposals for an avocado rootstock breeding and evaluation program to commence 1 November 2014. The Commission has previously funded breeding efforts for both scion and rootstock varieties; however, to better address the needs of the industry the Commission is reducing its investment in scion breeding to focus on rootstock breeding. To this end, the Commission is requesting proposals that address the following priorities: 

  1. Development of Phytophthora resistant and salinity tolerant rootstocks 
  2. Rigorous horticultural evaluation of new rootstocks (of domestic or international origin) for potential to serve the California avocado industry 
  3. Preserve existing germplasm and biodiversity that exists within various avocado collections, and 
  4. Develop molecular/genetic tools to expedite avocado breeding. 

As part of the restructuring of our investment in plant breeding, the Commission is open to exploring novel approaches and ideas from both public and private researchers and/or commercial companies from California and abroad. 

Complete proposals should follow the format describe in the accompanying RFP and “Instructions for Submitting a Full Proposal.” Full proposals are to be submitted to the Commission’s Research Project Manager via e-mail by close of business 28 February 2014

Please note that this RFP is for plant breeding proposals ONLY. The Commission anticipates announcing a general call for proposals during the second quarter of 2014. 

All questions regarding this RFP and final proposal submissions should be directed to Tim Spann either by e-mail,, or by phone at 949-341-1955. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your proposal. 


Timothy M. Spann, Ph.D. 

Research Project Manager