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Freeze Protection

Because avocado trees are tropical rainforest trees, they are active year-round — and that means cultural management of avocado groves is necessary throughout the year. In fall, growers should prepare avocado groves for winter weather events, flush out accumulated salts, and apply pruning techniques and fertilization for optimal spring performance.

Winter is not the quiet time for California avocado trees that we used to think it was. In fact, a great deal happens within the avocado tree over winter — avocado tree growth cycles that determine how well the trees flower and set fruit in spring. Over winter the avocado trees can develop flower buds, continue to size fruit, the fruit accumulate dry matter, roots can grow and some types of sugars can accumulate.

Protect avocado trees from freezing temperatures. Be aware of temperatures falling below 30‐degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of weather forecasts. Rather than rely on forecasts, establish a frost‐management plan, and follow it.

After a freeze, California avocado growers should look for the following freeze indicators; firm, brittle, curled leaves, water-soaked or discolored wood or twigs, older branches and trunks splitting and losing bark, and discolored avocados, with hues ranging from barely visible bronze to black.

While healthy avocado trees can tolerate freezes between 30 F and 32 F, severe freezes are capable of destroying individual avocado trees — particularly freeze temperatures falling below 30 F. The colder and longer the freeze, the greater the potential for damage to your avocado grove.

In California avocado groves, cool temperatures before and during the main period of bloom can have an adverse effect on avocado production. Cold temperatures also affect tree pollination.

Freeze damage can reduce spring flowering, so be aware of temperatures falling below 30-degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of weather forecasts. Rather than rely on forecasts, establish a frost management plan and follow it.

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