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The most successful California Avocado growers apply different cultural management activities throughout the year. The key is knowing what to do and how much of a particular activity to do in order to properly support the trees at each stage of the growth cycle.

It’s important to walk your avocado groves, make observations and record the specific details about the state of your avocado trees year-round. This allows you to track changes over time and review your cultural management decisions. What should you look for and record in spring?

In California avocado groves, cool temperatures before and during the main period of bloom can have an adverse effect on avocado production. Cold temperatures also affect tree pollination.

Healthy green avocado leaves are critical for getting the best yields from avocado trees, and at flowering, because the leaves convert sunlight into sugars that support the production of fruit on the trees.

What does a healthy avocado grove look like, in general, and what cultural management practices help you nurture a healthy avocado grove?

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